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“It Taste like Chicken” Because it is!.....or it’s shaped like chicken so it has to be?

A trip to Skipper’s Canteen at Magic Kingdom

Love the Jungle Cruise and those witty skippers with their one liners and puns? Need a jungle expedition restaurant experience in the heart of Adventureland? If those things are on top of your checklist for a dining reservation then you’ll love a trip to Skippers Canteen. If you’re looking for getting outside of your comfort zone in terms of cuisine, probably not your place unless sweet chili sauce is “ exotic” for your palate, however, it does have a touch of adventure since it doesn’t feature a hamburger on the menu.

The restaurant interior is extremely well themed in the true Disney way. Hidden

bookcase doors/walls that lead to a dining room, jungle expedition gear hung on the walls, and a “skipper” dressed wait staff armed with puns and quirky one liners that closely resemble “ Dad jokes” for your enjoyment.

Our party ordered an appetizer that wasn’t on the menu and a special for the day. A love child of a ball of cheese and a plop biscuit served with some sort of green and white sauce. White sauce tasted like a simple béchamel and I believe a garlic pickle sauce was on top that was really tasty. I’d order it again if I knew what it was.

appetizer; skipper canteen; disney food; magic kingdom
Brazilian Bread Balls

I ordered the “ It Tastes like Chicken” Because it is!” I don’t know if I’d classify it as completely “chicken”. Kind of like how eating a McDonalds chicken nugget leaves you wondering what part or kind of chicken this is from. The chicken was shaped like a leg/breast piece of bone in fried chicken but it more closely resembled a chicken finger that was shaped into a piece of bone in fried chicken. The chicken was accompanied with rice, stir fried vegetables and a sweet chili sauce. The sauce tasted like an over sweetened sweet n sour sauce. It was drizzled on top of the chicken and made it pretty unappetizing. It paired well with the rice and vegetables ,but definitely clashed with the flavor of the chicken.

chicken; disney food; skippers canteen; magic kingdom; food review
It Tastes Like Chicken Because it Is

Overall, my food experience wasn’t great, but the rest of my party enjoyed their meal. The atmosphere was fun and it was a nice way to escape the hustle and chaos of Magic Kingdom for a jungle trek. Skipper’s Canteen is not the best Disney dining experience I’ve had, but I’m willing to give it another chance next time and not order the chicken.

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