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Mamma Melrose's Ristorante Italiano

We had a lunch reservation at noon on a Tuesday and checked in at the kiosk outside of the restaurant.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, we were invited inside to sit down and enjoy some lunch. Strollers are not allowed in the dining room unless there is a sleeping child inside the stroller.

Once you enter, you are greeted at the host/hostess stand and walk right by the kitchen. The smell of the brick oven with pizzas inside gets you ready for your Italian meal to come.

Once seated, Maria helped us with our drinks and brought out a small bread basket. We were hungry and dug right in. The bread was fresh out of the oven and had a nice crunch on the crust.

For lunch, my wife had the Shrimp Campanella without cauliflower. It came in a nice large bowl and was very creamy she counted about 9 shrimp total in her bowl of pasta which was more than expected.

I had the Charred Strip Steak cooked medium that came with Four-Cheese Macaroni with Pancetta. The steak was cooked to temp and had a wine reduction to dip if you chose. This wasn't a huge steak and was a great option for lunch to not have a super heavy pasta and get back in the park.

My oldest son had the kids Cheese Pizza and chose apple slices and the spaghetti and meatball cupcake as his options. The pizza is cooked in the brick oven and was never frozen. It's a large size for a kids pizza and 2 kids could easily share this.

My other son chose the spaghetti and meatballs along with apple slices and another spaghetti and meatball cupcake. This came with 2 large size meatballs and plenty of pasta for a 4 year old.

Now for you wondering what a Spaghetti and meatball cupcake is, it's a chocolate cupcake topped with icing that looks like spaghetti, along with a chocolate "meatball" placed on top with a tiny bit of raspberry sauce to give it the "sauce look."

We enjoyed the meal and the quick service that we received. Maria packed up our apple slices in a cup to go for us so the kids could snack on them later on in the park.

If you are looking for a place in Disney's Hollywood Studios that you can relax, won't feel rushed and can enjoy a nice meal with a large wine selection, I would highly recommend Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano.

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