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“You’re Eating in a Car!”- A Trip to Sci-Fi Dine-In at Hollywood Studios

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

“You’re eating in a car! You're eating in a car! You’re eating in a car!” Wondering what my 3 year old found to be the best part of Sci-Fi Dine in? “You're eating in a car!” That simple statement is the highlight of eating at this Hollywood Studios restaurant. You walk into a big warehouse “set” of a drive-in movie theater. Complete with high ceilings, a starry sky overhead, the “ snack bar” behind you and a large screen projection showing classic black and white sci-fi movie trailers. You sit in a classic car facing the screen that has rows of booths that fit 4-6 people per car with a small table in front of you. This atmosphere and ambiance is the reason to go to Sci-Fi Dine In.

The menu had a couple things that seemed out of place for this themed restaurant. Burgers and fries? Yes, I’d eat those at a real drive-in. Sandwich? Yup, I’d eat that too. Pan-seared shrimp pasta? If I had that at a drive-in movie theater, I’d probably spend the rest of the time with an upset stomach. I ordered the Classic American Burger with fries. It was okay. Nothing really to rave about or to condemn. If you’re coming to Sci-Fi Dine-In just for the food, you’ll probably be disappointed.

For those traveling with small kids, this place is great. My kids loved sitting in the car. It was also a nice sensory break for from being at a Disney park. If you have a kiddo that needs a quieter place so they can take a nap in a stroller while you eat lunch, great place. If you have a kiddo that has a hard time calming down to eat in such a busy place like Disney? Great spot for them! Want to escape all the noise and mayhem of a theme park yourself? Great for you too! With the lights out and movies playing on the screen, it’s the quietest restaurant that I’ve been to at Disney World.

Bottom line, are you visiting Sci-Fi Dine-In to have an amazing, life changing meal? No and no one expects you to. The food is okay but the atmosphere and Disney theming are great.

And of course “ you’re eating in a car!”

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